Flexo Printing in Yoshimoto
What is Flexo Printing?
Environmental & hygiene
Advantageous Technology

          Flexo Printing is one of the letterpress system. In the Flexo printing, little ink or solvent ink is used with
photo polymer plate. This is the most environmental concious printing system, which controls emission of harmful substances and lower energy consumption.

          A flexographic print is made by creating a positive mirrored master image as a 3D relief on a rubber or polymer plate. A measured amount of ink is deposited upon the surface of the printing plate (or printing cylinder) using an engraved anilox roll whose texture holds a specific amount of ink. Laser-etched anilox rolls also play a key role in improving of print quality.

          Full color picture printing is now possible, and even finer presses available today, combined with high operation skill, which allows its quality to rival lithographic process. An improvement of highlight tonal value reproduction at highlight is ongoing, "thereby providing a workaround for the very high dot gain associated with flexographic printing."

1. How to print
  • Use plastic Convex Plate.
  • Capable to print on Material with Rough Surface due to Elastic Plate.
  • Apply ink on Convex Plate by Anilox Roll.

2. Lay out of center drum type printer. Print units are installed on circumference of
the drum







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