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Flexo printing is a relief printing method using an photo-polymer resin plate which is soft and elastic.
In case of Center Impressioned Drum (CID) type printing machine, all printing units (each unit comprises plate cylinder, Anilox roller, Ink chamber) are located on the the circumference of CID. Printing substrate is ransferred around the CID under low tension, which suppreses substrate to stretch or lengthen. Ink is transferred from the printing units to the substrates while the substrates is rotating on CID.

This features bring flexible and wide applications to Flexo printing method.
Flexo is applicable to print on uneven-surfaced substrates like embossed paper, nonwoven film due to the use of elastic convex plate. Also applicable to print on stretchy substrates like breathable film for diaper as well as very thin film or paper due to low CID tension.

In addition, Flexo printing is easily combined with water-based ink. Flexo orinting is fit to the use of high solid and high viscosity water-based ink. This combination brings us no harmful gas discharge, low VOC emission, and low energy consumption.




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