Flexo Printing in Yoshimoto
What is Flexo Printing?
Environmental & hygiene
Advantageous Technology

 Why are many environmentally conscious customers introducing Flexo Printing?
        "Flexo Printing combined with Water-based Ink" has a lot of advantage to other printing methods in Environmental Aspects.

Low Energy Consumption for Drying and Low CO2 Emission
        - High density ink is used for Flexo Printing compared to Gravure Printing.
        - Since ink volume to get a necessary density is much less than Gravure, Flexo Printing needs less
          energy for drying.
        - As a result Flexo Printing emitts less CO2 as well.

Very low VOC and No Harmful Solvent Emission
        - Water-based ink contains less than 2% Ethanol and no harmful solvent like Toluene.
        - Water-based ink emitts almost no VOC


Trend of Printing Methods

Advantage of Water-based Flexo Printing in Environmetal
Action taken In Yoshimoto Flexo Printing Thailand from Hygiene Aspects
    - 5S..be thorough in "Seiri", "Seiton", "Seiketsu", "Seisou", "Shitsuke"
    - Tidy working dress code
    - Protection against Insects....Electrocutor, Variable traps, Insect Bomb, Monthly spray of
       insecticide and etc
    - Protection against Dust....Air shower, Ventilation system, Shutter door







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