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High level Qulaity Control system
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      Customer's requirements are implemented in the form of clearly defined quality characteristic table in our development process.
      Close checks are made to satisfy the customer's requirements in the first place.
if our production and test facilities are of use and how to apply our technology and experiences for this project.

      To clear the our test specification i.e. test characteristics and test methods, are compiled and understandable
between customer and operation level, we make the qualification protocol, test plan, and then make the testing follow the testing protocol.

      We aim to make continuous improvement by setting the Company Objective and also on the other hand, be reached in addition by quality circles (QC) or by an employee suggestion scheme.

      Another aspect of quality promothion is the development of the quality management system beyond DIN EN ISO 9000 into the total quality management system (TQM), in which the customer/ supplier relationship is cultivated not only at the external level but also at the internal level







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